Endeavours to find work

The purpose of unemployment insurance is to avoid your becoming unemployed or to shorten your period of unemployment. You are therefore obliged to look for work during the whole month already before and during your period of unemployment.

Apply immediately to any acceptable offer of employment and in the requested form. If no suitable positions are advertised, you are obliged to submit blind or unsolicited applications. This means applying to firms and institutions, even if they have not advertised any vacancies. You are also obliged to apply for positions outside your profession.

You must prove to your personal advisor that you are actively seeking employment by completing the form Proof of personal endeavours to find work. Advertisements (with dates), copies of your applications and replies from firms are to be attached to the form.

The form must in each case be handed in personally or sent by post to your personal advisor by no later than the fifth day of the following month.

Acceptable work

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