What should I do first?

AWA Utengasse 36 AWA Hochstrasse 37

 How to find us/Addresses/Opening hours

1. Application in person to the information desk of the Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit (36 Utengasse or 37 Hochstrasse)

Here you will be given an appointment for registration with the RAV. Please come in person on the first day of your unemployment at the latest and bring an ID with a photograph with you.

 Registration by proxy in case of prolonged inability to work

2. Read through this information presentation (at the infoterminal or on the Internet)

The presentation informs you quickly and efficiently about our services as well as your rights and obligations.

How to find us

Insured persons who owing to illness, accident or pregnancy are temporarily not capable or only partly capable of work or are not available for work and thus cannot comply with the supervision rules, can qualify for the full daily allowance, provided they fulfil the other requirements for entitlement. This will continue for a maximum of 30 calendar days from the beginning of the period of complete or partial incapacity.

If you cannot apply to the information desk of the Office for Economic Affairs and Employment personally for health reasons, you may authorize another person in writing to do so on your behalf. That person can register you in your absence by submitting the authorization and presenting your identity document.

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