Am I entitled to unemployment compensation?

The conditions of entitlement are:

  • A fully completed contribution period or exemption from the contribution period
  • Full or partial unemployment
  • Suffering a loss of employment that can be counted towards entitlement
  • Swiss residence
  • The obligatory school education period must have been completed
  • You may not have already reached AHV age nor may you be drawing an AHV old age pension
  • You must be available for work
  • The supervision requirements must be fulfilled

Exemption from the contribution period

If the contribution period is missing, you are insured if you could not be employed for more than 12 months on account of:

  • training, retraining or further training, if you have resided in Switzerland for 10 years (except persons who have completed vocational apprenticeships: they have paid ALV contributions and therefore are counted with persons who have completed their contribution period in full)
  • illness, accident or maternity if you have been resident in Switzerland during this period
  • confinement to a Swiss institution
  • work-related stay of over one year outside an EU/EFTA country

You are also insured without having paid contributions if you are obliged to take up or extend dependent gainful employment on account of one the following events, if the event did not occur more than one year earlier and you were resident in Switzerland when the event occurred:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Death or invalidity of your spouse or for similar reasons
  • Discontinuance of a disability pension
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